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Following the workshop on Stage-Appropriate Positioning, an e-book on Pharmaceutical Positioning by Mike Rea from IDEA Pharma was shared to participants.

If you are interested to get a copy, get in contact with the IDEA Team by clicking on the image link.


The slide deck covers the different elements that comprise the New Product Planning toolbox. The components described in the deck can be helpful in building a strong business case for a program.

To access the deck, click on the image link.

The deck is meant to be a companion to a video on the same topic: www.biopharma-newproductplanning.com/videos



Indication prioritization

Slide deck provides examples on assessing and prioritizing multiple indications. Click on the icon below to download the file.


target product profile

Template allows a starting point for completing a target product profile for your program. The file contains templates for 2-case and 3-case product profiles. Click on the icon below to download the file.


Indication assessment

Excel file allows a starting point for conducting a cross-functional review of multiple indications across a range of parameters. Click on the icon below to download the file.