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Morris Paterson, PhD MBA

Steering Committee Member

Morris Paterson PhD MBA is a seasoned new product planning executive with 15 yrs experience consulting to biopharma, focusing on commercial strategy for pipeline products. He is based in San Francisco and leads the US business for groupH. Morris has worked with a variety of biopharma firms across oncology, autoimmune / immunology, infectious diseases, and rare diseases. Prior to working in NPP, Morris worked in research at Roche followed by Inpharmatica (a UK-based biotech). Morris holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and an MBA in finance and strategy.

“Being part of the NPP group keeps me connected to colleagues across the industry, which I value highly. In addition, the NPP group keeps me up-to-date with best practices and latest thinking, and enables me to learn from colleagues with different backgrounds and areas of expertise."

Morris Paterson, PhD MBA
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